How To Use Worm Castings:

Potting Mixes/Seed Flats —  Mix 1 part worm castings to 3 parts potting mix.

Flower Beds, Shrubs, Roses, Vegetables — Top dress with 1 to 3 inches of worm castings and incorporate into the soil with a fork, spade, or by hand.

Potted House Plants —  Top dress 1/2 to 1 inch of castings around established plants and scratch into the soil every 2 - 3 months. 1/2 cup for every 12-inch pot.

New Lawns —  Apply 10 pounds to 100 square feet. Work lightly into the topsoil.

Established Lawns and Greens —  Top dress at 4 pounds to 100 square feet.

Perennials —  Top dress 1 to 3 inches in spring, early summer, and fall.




The Application of Worm Castings Assist in Growing Healthy and Strong Plants


Just as humans need wholesome food to grow strong, worm castings are a plant’s happiest medium to grow into healthy and robust plants. Besides nutrients, worm castings develop a plant’s resistance against various common diseases and helps suppress pest populations (especially soil-borne).



What Worm Do Castings Do For Plants?


Worm castings or vermicompost are the partially digested food of earthworms that they discharge. From ingestion to egestion, everything is organic. Worm castings contain high amounts of available N, mineralized P and K, together with several essential micronutrients.


Approved by the USDA (Natural Resource Conservation Service), worm castings are one of the most potent compost materials available on the market. The additional benefits of worm castings, including live beneficial bacteria, plant growth regulators, actinomycetes, yeast, molds, and several trace elements, make it compatible.


Worm castings are safe to use on home lawns and gardens, even when children, pets, and domestic animals are present. They do not smell bad and emit a very natural earthy smell.



Remarkable Benefits Of Using Worm Castings

100% Natural


From Preparation to Harvesting, TisOrganic’s worms are fed an all-organic vegan diet.




Plant Growth Booster


A product containing all of the nutrients in a plant-available form to boost a plant’s growth. Worm castings act as a “Storehouse of Nutrients” for the plants so they can take as many nutrients as they need.




Soil Conditioner


Worm castings act as an “All In One” for the soil. They improve soil fertility, water, and nutrient holding capacity, enhance microbial population/activity, eliminate erosion chances, and enhance soil porosity (aeration).



Fungus Control


Worm castings contain nematodes and Protozoa, which are responsible for eliminating fungal pathogens from the soil. They also control the attack of fungal diseases on plants, including rust, mildew, etc.



Insect Repellent


The presence of microorganisms in worm castings acts as a repellent for the major damage-causing insects, including aphids, mites, bugs, and whiteflies. 


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